Art Therapy and Autism

There are a bunch of different kinds of therapies that are available to people who are on the autism spectrum. Given that individuals with autism are so visually oriented, one of the most popular types is art therapy. Autistic people struggle with communication so traditional psychotherapy isn’t always beneficial for them and art therapy gives them a way to express their feelings and experiences without having to literally articulate it. Art therapy is basically the therapeutic use of art making to improve personal development. The actual forms of art can be anything—painting, sculpture, drawing, you name it. Instead of trying to tell someone what they’re feeling they have the ability to draw it or paint it. People with autism can often get frustrated with their inability to communicate what they’re feeling or experiencing so these exercises are very therapeutic for them. The task to create a piece of art has been proven to help autistic people focus in on that one task and really get satisfaction out of creating something and take pride in it.


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