Future Boston Visits League School


Today, Future Boston took a trip to League School of Boston! The League School is one of the first day and residential schools dedicated to the education of children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. Opened in 1966, the establishment is staffed by 80 licensed members, including speech therapists, clinicians, behavior specialists, OTs, and nurses. The school’s 87 students range from the ages of 3 to 22 and are all provided personalized experiences.


During our tour with the League School’s Frank Gagliardi, he emphasized the importance of treating the students as individuals and considering their individual needs. The method in which the facility teaches its students is through the SCERTS approach, which focuses on the individual’s social communication, emotional regulation, and transactional support. Rather than enforcing harsh punishments, the school teaches students how to work through disregulation.


The school offers life skills and communication training and therapy in addition to the traditional curriculum of reading, math, science and music. The school also offers career services to its older students to help them gain real experience in a working an evironment at companies such as Siemens, New England Sinai Hospital, Salvation Army, TJ Maxx, and CVS.


We’d like to thank the League School of Greater Boston for hosting us. We really enjoyed our visit and had so much fun!