Autism In Denial?

Yesterday morning, I did not think I would see something interesting on the telly before I went about my day and to work. However, I did. As I hopped out of the shower just to check on my bacon, I noticed the topic on TV titled, “Don’t deny my son because he is autistic!”.


I then decided to watch the Jeremy Kyle Show and listen so I could get a gist of the story. What I learned was quite shocking. Apparently, the guy was going to deny paternity to his son because of his autism. I was pretty floored because I did not think something like this would appear on TV, let alone a morning show that usually deal with paternity issues, among other things.


What I discovered really made me relate more: The autistic individual was African-American and 26 years old, and on top of that, he could not talk. That was heartbreaking to me because he could not communicate to his father as to how he felt. One thing for sure, his mother was pretty livid. As I think of how our community strives for acceptance, this cannot happen.


At the end of day, we are human beings with feelings. What we have should not strike fear in others. What we have should not make us feel less than respected. What is your missing piece?


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